We're here to help your business get on the right track with some new innovative solutions. You can rely on our top-ranking software development expertise, technological capacities, management skills, and partnership-centered cooperation.
Custom Software Development
We specialize in high-quality software engineering, bringing together top talent, cutting edge technologies, and proven engagement models.
  • Agile Pod
    We complement our customers' IT teams with small Agile groups of 2-4 people. As the service provider, we focus on motivating our people, ensure optimum performance in the workplace, and guarantee efficient delivery.
  • Dedicated Team
    We assemble a self-motivated team of 5-10 software engineers of the needed skills and seniority levels, capable of completing all the elements in the delivery roadmap.
  • Engineering Center
    We work in close partnership with the customer whose business requires establishing a dedicated engineering center of several cross-functional teams. These teams are great at tackling big problems that need many minds to solve.
Advanced Engagements
We specialize in high-quality software engineering, bringing together top talent, cutting edge technologies, and proven engagement models.
  • Fixed Price Fixed Scope
    A fixed cost pricing guarantees a fixed budget for the project, regardless of the time and expense. The fixed cost pricing model approach is best suited for projects with clear delivery deadlines (often driven by external dependencies) and requires an upfront analysis phase to lock in duration, scope, and budget.
  • Managed Service
    Our team is equipped to take on full front-to-back responsibility for evolving and maintaining your IT platforms, functions, or processes, leading to improved quality of services and reduced costs. Jointly, we will define a contractually binding set of service level agreements to monitor and improve the performance and quality of the services rendered. The payment model, in this case, is similar to a subscription model, with equal monthly or quarterly bills.
  • "Build-Operate-Transfer" Model
    For companies that contemplate running their own operations in cost-effective locations but unsure where to start, we offer a flexible building model and running a dedicated center, with an option (but not the obligation) to buy out. The gradual development of exposure and expertise in dealing with global teams, culminating in potential full internalization of the capability, provides peace of mind regarding typical concerns of IP retention and cost containment.
  • Unique Needs - Custom Models
    Your circumstances are unique, and it doesn't seem like any of the models we listed are quite right? Do not hesitate to reach out; our seasoned leadership is always keen to design a solution that will meet your requirements!
Whether you are looking for consulting on your product or experienced developers to extend your team, we can provide the support you need to get you to that all-important next step.

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